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Paul Wesley + talking about how shit The Vampire Diaries is.

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Paul Wesley at Coachella 2014 (April 12, 2014).

Paul Wesley at Coachella 2014 (April 12, 2014).

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Anonymous said: Hello! Paul Wesley has joined our Greenpeace campaign, I thought you'd like to share it? I cant send links here but please contact me vbotteatgreenpeacedotorg

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kolklauselijah said: Hey :) I thought you'd maybe like to see this video of me telling Paul Wesley about Silas. It's a longer version and with video, not just audio :) Would be cool if you'd share it so more ppl can see^^ (remove the brackets first) kolklauselijah(.)tumblr(.)com/post/65708914798/stilas-shippers-today-is-the-day-heres-the :)


Your humanity is the one thing that makes you who you are.

Don’t let go.

Paul Wesley - LaGuardia Airport, NYC (Sept)
he is so thin now?is it because of the divorce

Paul Wesley - LaGuardia Airport, NYC (Sept)

he is so thin now?is it because of the divorce

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toxiic-paradiise said: Hey I just started out a new Paul Wesley blog and I was wondering if I could get some help with followers and everything? It would mean the world :) My main channel is toxiic-paradiise but, my new one is paul-wesley-paradise

Sure :D



ok guys soo this girl on twitter  


is spreading hate on paul wesley and she have on her bio that she is anti paul wesley. can you do me a favor? and report her?

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different-and-charming said: LINDOO! *---*

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”I tell Torrey everything. I love you, Torrey.”
     ↳Paul & Torrey at Bloodlines Con in Brazil [June 22, 2013] (x)

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Have you ever been militant about something in your life?

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